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🍀 To gain deeper insights into the captivating project — War Legends, seize the opportunity to participate in an engaging AMA session featuring Mr. Daniel Johnsen — Chief Creative Officer of War Legends. Expand your knowledge and discover the essential aspects of this amazing projects together ✅

1️⃣ AMA details

💯Date: 1PM UTC June 12th

✍️Venue: https://t.me/kdg_en

⛽️Host: Ms. Harley | KDG

🍲Speaker: Mr.Daniel Johnsen — Chief Creative Officer of War Legends

🚀Topics: An introduction before IDO

2️⃣ Structure & prize


💎$50 + 5 Lootboxes for live-chat ques

💎$50 for quiz section


💎Section 1: Project Overview

💎Section 2: Questions from host

💎Section 3: Live-chat questions (5 winners)

💎Section 4: Quiz about project (10 winners)

3️⃣ Requirements for winners

✅Join War Legends group & subscribe War Legends Announcements on Telegram

✅Follow War Legends on Twitter

✅Join KDG group & subscribe KDG Announcements on Telegram

✅Follow KDG on Twitter

👋Put us on your calendar. See you all in the AMA 💕




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